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April 2014 - tax rules.

In April 2014 the Government introduced complex new tax rules that affected Recruitment Agencies and other 'intermediaries'. The new rules meant that all agency staff must pay PAYE levels of tax and NI UNLESS they can prove that they are not under the control (or right of control) of the end user client. From April 2016 the same test now applies when assessing the ability of an individual to claim tax and National Insurance relief on their business expenses.

There are some exceptions.

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Comply with the new travel and subsistence rules.

If you are a Recruitment Agency, Elias Contracting will work with you to ensure that you and your workforce comply with the new rules keeping payroll costs to a minimum wherever possible.

If you are an individual that works for an Agency, you may still be able to enjoy a higher take home pay despite the new HMRC rules, subject to the terms of your assignment.

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Elias makes it simple.

Elias Contracting is a UK company that complys with the 'Onshore Intermediaries' legislation and the 2016 travel and subsistence expenses legislation while keeping your payroll costs to a minimum (subject to certain conditions). There are no AWR or Pension enrolment concerns and our experienced team will make sure that you receive the best customer service experience in our industry.

It really is that simple!

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